Celebrating Father’s Day

June 21, 2016 0 Comments

We had a great time celebrating Peter on Father’s Day this year. Stells and I made our annual Father’s Day French Toast. One of us put more effort into it than the other. After brunch, we took a walk on scenic Bowen Road in 103 degree, humid as hell weather. We walked until our souls were crying for A/C. Later that evening, after Evan got home from his junk outing with friends (lucky kid), we had dinner and Peter opened gifts. We ended the night with Finding Nemo, popcorn and other miscellaneous snacks.

We love dedicating a day to celebrate Peter. He’s such a dedicated father and will do anything to see his kids and me happy. He may totally suck at parkour, but as far as being a dad goes, he’s one of the best. We love you, Peter. Happy Father’s Day!