That Newborn Baby Haze

May 27, 2017 0 Comments

There is nothing as sweet as a newborn baby. A precious little soul, brand new to this life. Packed into a tiny little body with velvety soft skin and feather soft hair, that smell and that adorable saggy little old man newborn bum.

I’ve been a real lucky duck to have already loved on two precious newborns before now, but somehow it is easy to forget a few things about newborns. I feel like not just me, but many moms who already have kids seem to forget just how itty bitty newborns are. You know they’re small, sure. But when you actually hold them in your giant looking big people hands or see them snuggled up on their dad’s chest they look like a little Bonsai tree next to a Redwood, and you are kind of taken aback at how mini and fragile and helpless they really are.

And because newborns are so little and precious and because of that sag bum, I sort of forget another thing about them- THAT THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO SLEEP!” Yep, even though you know in your logical mind that newborns only sleep in short spurts for the first while and that they wake up every couple hours (if you’re lucky) to eat, your baby drunk mind is like “but I loved those 1, 3 and 5 am feedings. It was special time alone, just my baby and me.” Or even crazier you think I’ll just sleep when the baby sleeps during the day to make up for the night. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You’re an idiot. But you don’t care because once that euphoric newborn perfume wafts up into your nostrils or you watch their little faces scrunch up in a dream while they squeak and squak, you are happy to give up sleep or wearing something other than your Yellowstone National Park t-shirt and sweats, or having clean hair or not scabbed over nipples.

Speaking of scabby nipples. There’s that breastfeeding thing, too. Which is always a huge challenge for me to undertake. My milk takes forever to come in and then once it does, the baby is already used to suckling on a supplemental bottle so his latch is screwed and he tears up my scared and sad nips. And to date, I’ve never gotten away with non-bleeding nipples in breastfeeding my now 3 babies. TMI? Suck it up, this is parenting, amigos.

Sure, there are those things. You may look like Thriller for the first 3 months after the baby. And if your baby has colic or is extra fussy, or you have other young children in the house running around needing things, it may be absolute chaos for a bit, but all the extra love that this baby brings, all the squishy cuddles and future friendship/frenemyships for your other kids, all the wonderful things I mentioned before make the chaos right, somehow. And you just get swept up in it and try to enjoy the ride. Because wow! Here you have this amazing, beautiful, perfect little human. And you get to care for him. And cuddle him. And hear his first words. And see his first steps. And rejoice in all his milestones. And kiss his boo boos. And hear his “I love yous”.

It’s a big honor. And I’m thankful.

Too emo?

Deal with it, this is parenting.