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If Milkshakes Could Kill

This past weekend was chock full of activity from Living Room picnics to St. Patty’s Day traditions to trail runs. There was no pint of Guiness for me this St. Patrick’s Day, but there were delicious festive drinks consumed, at least by the kids. Yes, we continued yet another year to carry on the St. […]

Bribing Kids, Failed Cake Pops and South Island School International Evening

As I’ve been without a computer for a week, I’m trying to catch up on blogs and vlogs. But not clogs. Remember Pogs? Some would say, just leave all that footage and writing behind and start anew from now. But I say, no. I need these blog and vlog entries on file so that I […]

Making Japanese Pancakes

I woke up this particular morning and couldn’t live and breathe another moment until I had a Japanese Soufflé pancake in my belly. I sought this delectable fluffy treat out the last time we were in Japan, found it in a cafe in Harajuku and died a thousand times from the crazy level of deliciousness. I […]

Making Chinese New Year Cookies In The Middle Of The Night

Making Chinese New Year Cookies In The Middle Of The Night

Whenever I have plans to make and decorate sugar cookies, I say to myself, I’m going to start on them early. This time.  I even get up in the morning and with a very business-like seriousness and perhaps even a rolling up of the sleeves I look in the mirror and say, “I’m going to get […]

Stuffing Our Faces With Donuts at J.CO Donuts & Coffee

I love donuts. They are one of my favorite things. I mean, I love cookies, cakes and churros too, and brownies, and cheesecake- but a good donut, when it’s made right, can trump them all. My mom’s donuts will always be top for me. I just started salivating profusely as I even typed the words […]

Our Annual Christmas Bake Off Entry This Year: The Ugly Christmas Sweater Cake

We entered the “Great Halo Christmas Bake Off” held at Peter’s Company for the second year in a row. The pressure was on to defend the title from last year’s bake off where “Stella” took the trophy home for her delicious Christmas-modified Tres Leches cake. Oh yes, even though we should really see the whole […]

Eating Our Way Through Tokyo, Part One

Peter, that champ of a hubby that he is, surprised me with a belated 5 Year Anniversary Trip to Tokyo this past week. His wonderful parents Richard and Lesley are in town visiting and kindly agreed to watch the kids while we took a few nights away together in one of my absolute favorite cities. […]

Kids Happy Hour at Linguini Fini

When we heard about Hong Kong’s first kid’s happy hour at Linguini Fini we were like, “Awww Yeahhh!” We love that spot because it was already so great for kids. But knowing Stella can eat free while we can stuff our faces with pizza and other delicious Italian American dishes took it all next level for […]