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Stella Opens An L.O.L. Surprise Doll!

There’s a new toy on the market which has already hooked Stella, completely. And sadly it’s quickly becoming the new Stella Bribe Toy of 2017, replacing Trolls and My Little Pony blind bags. Her toy of choice these days is the L.O.L. Surprise Doll. Yes, it’s a doll named after the most popular texting acronym. […]

We Finally Found A Solution To This Crazy Pollution: Dyson’s Hot Cool Link Purifier

When we decided to move to Hong Kong a little over 2 years ago, we were warned about the pollution by more than a couple people. Peter, my husband, spent a good portion of his childhood in the Fragrant Harbour, his dad being a judge here in HK for many years. “Hong Kong has a […]

Stella Makes Candy Sushi

When Peter and I went to Tokyo in October, we brought a few of Stella’s favorite Japanese candy making kits. I say Stella’s favorite, but I’m also a big fan. Not because it tastes good. It doesn’t. It’s even on the verge of gross. But the fact that the pouches of powder and plastic spoons […]

Stella’s Favorite Young Musical Artists

Stella has opinions. On everything. And I love her for that. When you ask for her opinion on anything, and if she’s not in a crappy or dismissive mood, you will nearly never see a shrug of her shoulders or hear an “I don’t know.” She’ll pop off with answers and reasons for those answers. Yeah […]

Getting Glammed Up By the Girls of Sponge- HK’s Hot New Hair and Makeup Service

Last Saturday, I woke up feeling all bleh. I was feeling tired, unmotivated, bloated and just generally gross. AKA- I was feeling PREGNANT! I had so many things to accomplish that day, and was looking forward to attending my friend Jolene’s party that night. But how was I going to get myself looking polished and […]

Stella and I have recently been introduced to an awesome new swimwear line called Aurein swim. It’s a swimwear company that focuses on moms offering adorable matching suits for girls, as well. These suits are all about that #momlife. They are gorgeous, come in all kinds of stunning colors, they flatter and complement that beautiful post-baby […]

My Fashion-Obsessed 3 Year Old Dressed Her Dad for a Week & Here’s What Happened

As a follow up to the experiment wherein Stella dressed me for a week, I had Stella dress Peter, her dad, for a week. She chose some real gems for him, and we were again reminded that true style and swag comes from the inside. Check out the accompanying article at

Stella Walks the Runway for Vivian Luk’s Charity Fashion Show

Stella participated in the Vivian Luk Charity Fashion Show which benefitted the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation Cancer Fund. She wore dresses from the Little Miss V collection which included a beautifully hand-painted “Kaylen” dress. To donate to HKAHF Cancer Fund, visit