The Birth Of Our Sweet Baby Boy, Alfie

It’s so surreal. The whole having a baby thing. One minute you’re staring at your tight as a drum belly bump, battling heartburn and swollen ankles, anticipating any sign of labor and feeling like you’ll be pregnant forrrevvvvverrrr. And the next- you’re suddenly pushing a tiny (but also kinda big for a baby) human out […]

My Parents Come To Hong Kong A Week Early!

My parents are the best. But like really. The best. They give 100% in everything they do. And when it comes to their family, it’s triple that. And there’s nothing they won’t do to make something special, to give us their support and encouragement, to make us laugh, to make us feel loved. They’ve been […]

Hong Kong Rugby Sevens Weekend!

Usually (well, in the past 2 years for me) it’s around the month of February that talk about the Hong Kong Sevens starts springing up in our home. Talk about how to get tickets, how many tickets, costumes, people who are potentially flying in. There’s a definite build up to Hong Kong’s biggest annual sporting […]

How Much Does A Teenager Know About Pregnancy?

Hopefully, Evan won’t need to really know about any of this for another 15-20 years, but I was just curious- how much does he know about pregnancy? He hears me talk about appointments, all my issues, my rants. He’s heard me groan “EWWW!” from behind the bathroom door. He’s nowhere near being in the dark […]

Feeling The Love At My Baby Shower

When we first moved to Hong Kong, I was very much of the opinion that I was just putting a bookmark in my REAL life novel to come back to in a year, maybe two after having a quick adventure abroad. That train of thought definitely made things easier. Made leaving my family and friends […]

Spending Quality Time With Stella

As I expressed in my last blog/vlog, I’m emotional about changing up our family dynamic when the baby comes. Definitely not sad about the baby joining our family. I’m so excited I can barely wait. But just emotional about shifting the way things are right now- moving Stella up from the position of baby of […]

How Will The New Baby Change Things?

As I near the end of my pregnancy, everything gets more intense. My exhaustion. The insomnia. My Braxton Hicks contractions. My craving for burritos. My Danny DeVito strut/waddle.Β MY EMOTIONS! 60% of the time, I’m fine. Normal, chilled out, relaxed even. But the other 40% of the time, I’m making weird grimacey, pursed lip, squinty faced, […]